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by Tessa Stone

“Illicit by Tessa Stone is the story of a woman who lived her life with her head held up and her heart on her sleeve. Our heroine is Odyssey Greene, a normal woman with a normal life. On the surface she has everything, a new job, great kids, and a great house. However, in reality she is anything but happy. Her husband verbally abuses her and does not appreciate her. In fact, she has doubts about his fidelity as well. Her life takes a different turn when she meets Lieutenant Blaze Rodriguez. 

This was a wonderful novel that tells a tale of a woman who is struggling to find her happiness and, when she does find her happiness, she discovers that she cannot grasp it because she is married to the wrong man. I could truly understand Odyssey’s dilemma and you will ache for her longing for Blaze. The two of them are perfect together. I loved the way Stone wrote about the feelings of this couple. I was rooting for them and I wanted Odyssey to let her husband go so she can find her true happiness. I was enthralled by her story. Illicit is definitely a novel you will remember. It was really good.”

-Rabia Tanveer, Reader’s Favorite

Odyssey Greene's erotic experience opens a romance that centers upon her dreams and the reality of the relationship with her husband, so in a matter of a few pages readers learn a lot about a passionate Christian woman whose submissive attitude limits her life and options even as it provides stability and a home. Though she has a say in decisions, her husband has the final word in their lives - and she knows how to get much of what she wants despite this disparity in their relationship.

As Odyssey moves from devoted wife to consider other options, Tessa Stone clearly outlines the logical course of this growth process and successfully navigates her story beyond that of a passionate affair and into a carefully considered account filled with psychological depth and detail, making Illicit a recommendation for romance readers seeking both spicy scenes and thought-provoking, life-changing stories of already-strong women on the cusp of transformation.

- D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review