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Where passion begins with words. . . 

by Tessa Stone

"You should write a novel." She said.

So I did.

Illicit uncovers passions longed for even in marriage. One woman’s decision to surrender to forbidden desires seems simple especially when the choice is between an abusive and unfaithful husband and a sexy, security lieutenant named Blaze. But that is not how she wants to do things. Instead, she gets wrapped up in a whirlwind of temptation that neither she nor the lieutenant can deny.

Just when she decides to admit her feelings to her husband, she stumbles upon evidence of her greatest fear. Though the investigative case of larceny that Blaze is dealing with uncovers secrets and shatters friendships, Odyssey has an important decision to make. Should she continue on in an unhappy marriage, praying that something changes, or should she succumb to the powers of the Illicit?

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20-21 May 2017 at the Seymour Johnson Airforce Base PX in Goldsboro, NC!

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